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Zipped and on it's way! ;)

Hi there,

I have just downloaded the unregistered version for review and I must say, I'm very impressed with what I see so far!  Excellent work.  ;D

I have successfully managed to link it to our Asterisk server, have created departments, users, billing tables... and... and.. and... with very little trouble.  The software is intuitive and easy to use.   8)

The one problem that I am experiencing though is as follows:
If a grant a Security Account (SA) access to a Department, that SA can successfully view all data for each of the users which reside in that department, which is great.  Typically the type of access that one would give to the department manager.  If however, I remove that SA from the department access list and instead only grant it access to a single user in that department, (in other words, try to allow each person to only view their own data as apposed to the whole department's data), then that SA cannot see any data!  I even tried granting the SA access to every user in a department individually (i.e. at user level) but still no data is displayed.  ONLY when a grant access to the SA at department level is data displayed.

Is this how the system is meant to function.  I would've assumed that you would be able to limit access down to user level and not just to the whole department?  ???

Looking forward to your response!
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