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Call Accounting Mate Q&A / What is the Call Accounting Mate Architecture?
« on: September 21, 2004, 10:45:14 AM »
Call Accounting Mate uses a single executable that acts as a call accounting web server, pdf report generator, calculation engine and database server. It does not rely on any external dlls or functions to run. This allows us to control every aspect of the software and also makes the software a lot more stable.
Assuming you are running Call Accounting Mate on port 80 on a machine with the IP address of All you have to do is using a PC on the LAN, just point the browser to . You should get the login screen. If you are running on another port, use where xx is the port that the software is running on.

This is a built in design of Call Accounting Mate to be able to access it using a browser. No configuration is required where the software is running to enable this feature.

Call Accounting Mate runs on port 80 but default. If you have IIS or other web server running on that port, uou can change the port no. that it runs on in Configuration -> Web Config.
The default username is "Administrator" and password is "null". Please note that both of them are case sensitive.
There is a function for custom query but not a function that allows you to built reports yet. We will have this feature in the next release due in about 2 months. However, we can build free reports for you as long as majority of users will benefit from it too. After all it enhances our software too. And ofcourse it will be free :)
The answer to the question is rather obvious. The more complicated a call accounting system sounds, the more money a vendor can make from the installation.

But our technical team does not approve of over-charging our customers. Therefore, we have made considerable effort to ensure that Call Accounting Mate is much easier to install and configure than even a Windows 2000 machine. Just download the install file from our site and run it. Thats all. Everything needed in automatically installed.

And how about not just installing it but really implementing it. Our users have told us that CAM is bt far the easiest call accounting software to configure. Don't take our word for it though. Try it !
Yes, we can install and maintain Call Accounting Mate for you remotely.

All we need you to do is to download and execute our install file, follow the few simple instructions and our technical team will be able to access and install Call Accounting Mate remotely from our office.

A typical installation takes about 15 minutes and training will just require an additional 15-20 minutes.
No, not everyone on the internet will be able to assess your Call Accounting Mate system.

You have the full authority to decide whether you want to give access to a user on the internet or only on your intranet. In fact, you can also specify and limit the PCs within the office, which are allowed to access Call Accounting Mate. By doing so, this can ensure the safety and privacy of your Call Accounting Mate system.
Yes, it is possible to share the same access code between operators. However, a lot of other call accounting systems do not take care of this feature.

In some countries, it is very common to have multiple lines from different telecom operators within the office. To complicate matters further, all the operators may use the same code for IDD/STD/Toll access.
For example, Operator A uses 001 as the international access code and operator B also uses 001 for the international access code. The difference between these two operators lies in the rates that are being charged.

Given the scenario that you have line 1 (CO1) from Operator A and line 2 (CO2) from operator B, you can actually specify in Call Accounting Mate that line 1 uses Operator A rates by default, and line 2 uses Operator B rates by default. This can be easily done with Call Accounting Mate without any hassle.
Yes, Call Accounting Mate supports Asterisk. We use Asterisk as our internet phone system so it is natural for us to support it. We have a Asterisk-CAM section located at In addition, Call Accounting Mate ships with Asterisk modules that can be loaded on your asterisk machine to communicate with Call Accounting Mate.
Call Accounting Mate Q&A / Does Call Accounting Mate support IP-based SMDR?
« on: September 21, 2004, 05:00:01 AM »
Yes, Call Accounting Mate does support IP based SMDR. Call Accounting Mate supports UDP/TCP/Telnet/Syslog/Comm Port/File based SMDR at the moment. If you need any other communications routine,  please send an email to and we may already have it or may be able to build it very quickly into the system.
Call Accounting Mate Q&A / What is SMDR / CDR output?
« on: September 21, 2004, 04:59:13 AM »
It is an abbreviation for station message-detail recording.

Regardless of their size, most telephone systems output Call Detail Records (CDR). Generally, these are created at the end of a call. But on some phone systems, the data is available during the call. This data is output from the phone system by a serial link known as the Station Message Detail Recording port (SMDR).

Some of the details included in call records are: Time, Date, Call Duration, Number dialed, Caller ID information, Extension, Line/trunk location, Cost, Call completion status.
It is simple. Most call accounting systems are installed in server rooms or wiring closets. These are places where the people, who need the call accounting information the most, do not have easy access to. Therefore, either MIS has to print the reports for them or they have to physically go to the server room / wiring closet to print the reports out. However, some modern call accounting systems do provide a LAN version to print reports, but such systems do not allow the complete setup / modification via LAN.

On the other hand, our Call Accounting Mate system allows ALL functions to be accessed using a browser. No extra components need to be installed to access the system. Complete installation / administration of Call Accounting Mate is accomplished using a browser.
No problem. You can install Call Accounting Mate on any stand-alone machine. All interactions with Call Accounting Mate is still via using the web browser of the machine, which the software is installed in.
Yes, you can run Call Accounting Mate on your corporate server.

The reason why most PABX vendors do not encourage running call accounting software on the server is because they are not familiar with the Server. Therefore, they will sell you dedicated hardware specially for call accounting purposes. However, this is expensive and a waste of machine power.

Since Call Accounting Mate is a web-based system, there really is no reason not to install it on the server. You can just install Call Accounting Mate on the server, configure it using any browser on the network and off you go.
The minimum requirements are:
- Pentium 286 Machine with 128 MB Ram
- Windows 95/98/2000 Server or Professional / XP
- Serial Connection to PABX

Our executable contains a web server built-in. This web server is custom built for just our Call Accounting Mate application. It is also more secure then using IIS or Apache. You do not need to have any web server loaded since everything needed is already in our executable.

If you are running a web server however, you can always run the Call Accounting server on port other than port 80.
No. We use embedded SQL. The database is SQL compliant. You do not need to install an engine because all the database functions needed to support SQL are built into our executable.

You can still construct standard SQL commands and query the database, if you wish. The embedded SQL is capable of handling up to 2 billion records, which in most cases is sufficient for our clients.

Of course, the other advantage is that you do not need to pay expensive licenses or install complicated software. All you need is our executable.
Call Accounting Mate Q&A / Are rates tables customizable for my country?
« on: September 21, 2004, 04:55:38 AM »
We have spent a lot of time making sure that Call Accounting Mate can work around the world. Our rate table is flexible enough to support most of the countries.

Rates tables are also referred to as Tariff Plan. Correct calls cost calculation and dialed numbers parsing depends much on tariff plan, so it is very important to set up correct tariff plan for your contry. By default Call Accounting Mate is supplied with default tariff plan for USA activated. In case when you need to load tariff plan for other country please click on the link below for an instructions. To Load Default Tariff Plan For My Country.mht

If you do have an exceptional situation, please let us know and we will add your required rate types into Call Accounting Mate.
Yes, Call Accounting Mate can support all PBXs and keyphones that have SMDR output.

We have many templates defined within the software for many manufacturer models.  Sometimes your model may not appear on the list.   Do not be concerned.  We can usually create a new driver within hours of your request.

What do I do if my driver does not appear on the list of available drivers?

1) Select the generic driver "Data Collection Driver"
2) Make sure your connectivity to your telephone system is correct.    We have designed a Startup & Installation Guide for the more common connectivity questions.  The guide can be found at
3) Let the software collect some data
4) Email us 2 files at
5) We will evaluate the data and deterime which current driver to use or develop a new driver for you.

If you can supply us the SMDR output (see below for the definition of SMDR), we can make a driver (normally within a day) to support your PBX and email it to you. And of course, this service is free-of-charge.

Various alternate ways of connecting CAM to a telephone system (Avaya IP Office is used as an example): to Avaya IP Office Connection.pdf

News from / Welcome to Call Accounting Forums
« on: September 20, 2004, 06:22:02 PM »
Hello Everyone,

today we have just installed the forum. With growing number of users around the world, hopefully this becomes a useful medium for developers and users alike to communicate with each other. This section will primarily be used to keep you informed about any new updates to Call Accounting Mate.

Thank you for your support.

San Singhania
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