Author Topic: How to connect to Avaya IP Office and other CDR files  (Read 17044 times)


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How to connect to Avaya IP Office and other CDR files
« on: November 15, 2005, 10:52:36 PM »
CAM allows to import SMDR/CDR data from an OS file automatically basing on schedule or event. To setup CAM to get data from an OS file you need to use Configuration/PBX Communication page and select File in the Port filed on the Port tab on the page. Below is description of various settings related to this function.

Configuration/PBX Communication page, Port tab, Port=File

To access fields/settings described below following steps are necessary:

open Configuration/PBX Communication page
activate Port tab
select File option in the Port combobox

Symbols with special meaning (jokers) that can be used in file masks

* = any sequence of symbols of any length
? = any single symbol
%yyyy = 4 digit year
%yy = 2 digit year
%mm = 2 digit month (includes zero...i.e. 09, 10)
%m = 1 or more digit month (i.e. 1, 9, 10)
%nnn = Month name (i.e. Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr)
%n = Month name (January, February, March)
%dd = 2 digit day
%d = 1 or more digit day
%d-1 = previous day (yesterday)
%ww = 2 digit week number
%w = 1 or more digit week number
%j = julian day number (i.e. 1-365)

For example file mask "SMDR (%yyyy-%mm-%dd).CSV" at 24 Oct 2005 will be expanded as "SMDR (2005-10-24).CSV", at 25 Oct 2005 it will be "SMDR (2005-10-25).CSV" and so on.

Here is a document describing how to connect to Avaya IP Office using TCP, Serial or File mechanism: to Avaya IP Office Connection.pdf

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