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Helpful links to various "How To"
« on: February 12, 2006, 11:08:23 PM »
Update or retrieve a new PBX driver from our website

Telephone system manufacturers often upgrade their systems and update or change the CDR (Call Detail Records).   We develop new drivers frequently.    We keep a library of these drivers available to you at all times on our website.   You can download the latest driver for your telephone system by following the procedures outlined here: To Install A New Driver From Support Web Site.mht

Import a tariff plan for your location

Call Accounting Mate can be directed to calculate cost and find location information for virtually any region around the world.  You can load the default table for your country as follows: To Load Default Tariff Plan For My Country.mht

A detailed example is available here: To Import Tariff Plan.mht

Create custom reports from Call Accounting Mate

Call Accounting Mate is equipped with a set of built-in reports that can be processed by clicking a few buttons.   The reports have a static style and look to them.  Custom reports can be designed that allow the user to select  sort order, filter and columns. 

A detailed example follows: To Use Custom Report.mht

Create custom online views

Call Accounting Mate allows you to view your data in various pre-defined and flexible formats.  You can create your own custom views in order to more readily access your information.   The more information you provide to the software, the more descriptive the views will be depicted.

A detailed example showing how to enter department/user information and creating custom templates is available here: To Use Online Views.mht

Schedule Automated Tasks

Automated tasks can be created for specific events or recurring reports.   You may want to set specific criteria for a special report to alert you of misuse/abuse or 911 calls.   You may also want certain reports to be run daily, weekly or monthly.   Call Accounting Mate allows you configure these options for email reporting.

A detailed example follows: To Use Task Scheduler.mht

Recover CAM data from a hardware or OS crash

Call Accounting Mate stores all of the call accounting data in calls.dat and all configuration in bill.ini. In an event of a hardware failure or OS crash, you need to recover these 2 files from the old system. CAM can then be installed in a new system and these 2 files copied to the directory of the new PC where CAM is installed.

In the case of calls.dat file being damaged, we have developed a recovery utility. It tries to recover damaged calls.dat file automatically and/or send user data and log files to developers for further analysis and recovery procedures.

The utility is available for download from:

I want to connect to the Call Accounting Mate database from an external query analyzer.

You will need to install an SQLite ODBC driver and make an ODBC Connection.

Various alternate ways of connecting to Avaya IP Office: to Avaya IP Office Connection.pdf

How to set the file name/mask field to accept Avaya IP Office (daily logs):

Helpful ways of setting up user security and departmental views

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