Author Topic: How to initiate a support email and have the log files sent to us automatically  (Read 22613 times)


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Call Accounting Mate can automatically send all the necessary log files to us. To initiate this, follow the below steps :

1. Log on to Call Accounting Mate and select "Support"
2. Click on "Send Log Files"
3. Key in all the necessary information including your PBX or switch type. It is very important that we have your email address as this
    is the primary way we communicate with you. Please also provide your telephone number as we do call when necessary.
4. If you are requesting for the development of a new keyphone or PBX driver, select "Request for Parser" under the request type.
    This will send just the necessary files for the development of the driver for your switch. If you have been asked to send all the
    data files by our technical department, select "Extended Request for Support". This will send all the data files associated with
    CAM to the support team.

Please make sure that you have an Internet connection on the machine running CAM. You should also receive an automated email within 5 minutes of sending us the automated response. If you do not receive this email, chances are that we have not received your files. Please follow the steps above again to initiate another support email.  
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