Author Topic: Is my PBX or switch supported by Call Accounting Mate?  (Read 32669 times)


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Is my PBX or switch supported by Call Accounting Mate?
« on: September 21, 2004, 04:54:56 AM »
Yes, Call Accounting Mate can support all PBXs and keyphones that have SMDR output.

We have many templates defined within the software for many manufacturer models.  Sometimes your model may not appear on the list.   Do not be concerned.  We can usually create a new driver within hours of your request.

What do I do if my driver does not appear on the list of available drivers?

1) Select the generic driver "Data Collection Driver"
2) Make sure your connectivity to your telephone system is correct.    We have designed a Startup & Installation Guide for the more common connectivity questions.  The guide can be found at
3) Let the software collect some data
4) Email us 2 files at
5) We will evaluate the data and deterime which current driver to use or develop a new driver for you.

If you can supply us the SMDR output (see below for the definition of SMDR), we can make a driver (normally within a day) to support your PBX and email it to you. And of course, this service is free-of-charge.

Various alternate ways of connecting CAM to a telephone system (Avaya IP Office is used as an example): to Avaya IP Office Connection.pdf

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