Author Topic: Specifc Requirements for reporting  (Read 14293 times)


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Specifc Requirements for reporting
« on: January 21, 2009, 06:33:37 AM »
I know some of these may be more Call Centre based but is it possible to do the following reports

1)   Number of calls coming through switchboard in any given period.
2)   Number of missed calls (not answered at all) . i know missed calls can be displayed as 0 but can you be more specific
3)   Call waiting times (ie how long its taking to answer the phone we get lots of complaints about this) More of a CC environment I know
4)   Busiest periods (I am pretty sure we can do this one)

Any help would be much appreciated so I can get back to out reception manager and then start the rocess for a PO


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Re: Specifc Requirements for reporting
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2009, 10:12:50 AM »
Thank you for your email. Please see answers below.

1. Being able to identify the number of calls that went through a switchboard will depend on your phone systems CDR data. For example, some phone systems only show the last extension that was involved in the call. As a result in these environments its not possible. If your phone system's CDR data shows each leg of the call then CAM can do you what you are asking. Please note a driver update may be required for this to work. If your CDR data shows each leg and this is not working then contact our support department and they will assist with a new driver (

2. The availability of missed calls is also dependent on your phone system's CDR data. Some phone systems only generate CDR for calls that are connected. CAM identifies missed calls as incoming calls with zero duration that have a ring time > 0. As a result your CDR must also show ring time. If its not there then we can't report on it. If it is there then a driver update may fix your issue. Please contact our support department (

3. Call Waiting times  - This is not a call accounting function. This is a call center function. As a result it is not usually available within CAM.

4. Try using the Statistic Reports. These may give you what you are looking for.