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How To Configure CAM for....3CX
« on: April 26, 2012, 01:50:09 PM »
In the CDR Output settings on your 3CX (in the Advance Settings group) specify to Output CDR to Socket.  The CDRTemplate-Socket.xml file in your 3CX’s CDRTemplates folder defines where the CDR is delivered.  Please locate the “CallTemplate" line similar to the below in your CDRTemplate-Socket.xml and make any required changes.

<CallTemplate Host="" Port="33555" OutboundOnly="false">

The value of Host should be changed to the IP address of the PC hosting your Call Accounting Mate.  The value of Port can be changed if desired.

The default 3CX PBX Driver can be downloaded from our web site below.

Save this file into your C:\bill\SMDR folder.  Use the following for your Call Accounting Mate’s PBX Communication settings.

Port: TCP
Port (number): Use the same port programmed on your 3CX, default is 33555
PBX Driver: 3CX (CSV)

Call Accounting Mate can also connect to the 3CX if the "Host" value is left as by selecting "Telnet" as the Port option in the PBX Communication settings and entering the IP address of your 3CX in the field provided.

**Please note: The 3CX driver listed has been configured for the default 3CX CDR template and may need changes based on the programming of your 3CX or configuration of the CDR Template.  For any change requests, please email a sample of your captured CDR data to our support team at**
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