Author Topic: How To Configure CAM for....Avaya (Nortel) Norstar and BCM  (Read 15532 times)


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How To Configure CAM for....Avaya (Nortel) Norstar and BCM
« on: January 25, 2012, 11:52:25 AM »
Avaya (Nortel) Norstar

An SMDR6 device is required for SMDR generation and delivery over a serial (RS-232) connection.  The PC hosting Call Accounting Mate must have a serial COM port available that can be used for data collection.  To program the SMDR6, press Feature 9 * 2 on your handset to enter the administrative options.  The SMDR6 must be programmed to deliver call data in English and we recommend using the "Norstar" data format.

Call Accounting Mate should be configured to capture call data from the COM port your SMDR6 is connected to using the same baud rate you had programmed into your SMDR6.  The Nortel Norstar Series General Driver should be selected from the PBX Driver drop down.  Section 4.2 of the Startup & Installation Guide below provides a further outline of how to configure CAM to capture call data from a COM port.

Avaya (Nortel) BCM

The BCM should be configured to deliver CDR via "CDR Pull".  There is an additional utility, Winlink for BCM, required to pull CDR from your BCM.  A trial of the Winlink for BCM software can be downloaded below.

An addition configuration document that outlines the setup of Winlink for BCM can be found at the below link.

We recommend your BCM be programmed to generate new CDR in Norstar format.  Call Accounting Mate's PBX Communication settings should be configured to process the destination file specified in the WinLINK for BCM's settings.  Below are sample settings of CAM's PBX Communication options for processing the external file.

Before Import=No Action
File Mask=c:\bill\bcmp\cdr.txt
Every=1 Hour
After Import=Delete
PBX Driver=Nortel Norstar Series General Driver

**Please note: The Nortel Norstar Series General Driver contains an additional "Date Format" option under the Properties tab in CAM's PBX Communication screen.  You will need to select the date format that matches your CDR.  After selecting the Nortel Norstar Series General Driver, if the Properties tab does not display the "Date Format" option please contact us at**
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