Author Topic: Explanation of Settings - Holidays  (Read 7470 times)


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Explanation of Settings - Holidays
« on: September 23, 2005, 06:22:15 AM »
Settings/Holidays Page is used to manage list of public holidays. Primary intention of managing such list is for calls rating. Many service providers use different tariffs for weekends and public holidays. Weekends can be easily calculated automatically, but this is not the case with holidays, because almost every country in the world has own specific holidays and because holiday dates change from year to year. The holidays lookup table allows the rating module to know whether a call date is holiday or not and choose right tariff for the call.

In the tariff plan there is Time Slot element, which uses the holidays lookup table. It filters calls by date and time, including day of week filtering. Among Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, ... etc. options there is Holidays option in the property editor of this element. While processing 'Time Slot' element the rating module refers to the holidays lookup table to check whether a call date is holiday or not, if yes and the 'Holidays' option is checked in the element the call passes through it. Rest of possible cases expands obviously.